Crisis Response and Management

Structure of Directorate of Crisis Response and Management

The Directorate of Crisis Response and Management fosters coordination and cooperation among relevant KRG’s Ministries, Departments, the International Community and Non-Governmental Organizations to implement a joint strategy and plans to respond to, solve and manage the crisis. It has the following Units:


  • Assessment and analysis Unit
  • Communication and Coordination Unit
  • Preparation and Immediate Response Unit
  • Reporting Unit
  • Planning Unit
  • Monitoring and implementation Unit


This directorate maintains an overview of on-going crisis response activities and facilitates the development of a Strategic Plan in cooperation with KRG Ministries and Departments, Governorates, and international relief actors. It establishes and maintains formal information exchange procedures between the JCC and other international coordination bodies and undertakes Civil Military Coordination functions as needed. It will take responsibility for:


  • Ensuring that there is an agreed, common operational overview
  • Tasking, i.e. transformation of decisions and directives into assignments
  • Preparation of briefings, meetings, and information for decision making and internal dissemination including marking and updating of information displays
  • Maintain an overview of on-going relief activities and facilitate the development of a Strategic Crisis Response Plan in cooperation with international relief actors
  • Identify priority areas for deploying resources, direct relief providers to high need areas, track progress, and adjust the response as required
  • Provide briefings on on-going operations
  • Coordinate an assessment of national and international organisational roles, resources, capabilities, and comparative strengths
  • Identify gaps, duplication, and bottlenecks
  • Monitor and facilitate inter-agency coordination efforts
  • Facilitate communication between relief-providers and national counterparts
  • Monitor and evaluate the efficiency, effectiveness, and impact of operations