Message from the Minister of Interior










On behalf of the Kurdistan Regional Government. I am very proud that the world has recognised the region as a safe haven, peaceful and prosperous region and as a beacon of hope in Iraq. Despite numerous challenges, the region has defended the core human values, rights of all citizens as well as residents, and successfully maintained the rule of law including democracy, justice, diversity, freedom and peaceful coexistence.

The rich history and culture of peace and harmony have been forged over centuries by the Kurdish ancestors, the fully functional Kurdistan Regional Government has been established in 1992.  We are proud not only to have survived but also thrived as a nation following the oppression, ethnic cleansing campaigns on a regular basis and cruelty of decades long successive dictatorial regimes in Iraq. 

As a result of its rich history, the region has been and remained fully committed and stand with other democracies to defend and protect the hard earned values such as democracy, diversity, freedom and communal cohesiveness. We strongly believe that people of all backgrounds, and different religious belief will only strengthen the Region and the diversity is the source of inspiration and strength as a prosperous region.

In recognition to these, the Kurdistan Regional Government has established and legally mandated the Joint Crisis Coordination Centre to operate as a unique platform for joint planning, monitoring, responding and coordinating actions to contain all forms of crisis or natural disaster that may threaten the fundamental values of the Kurdistan Region. Since the establishment of the Centre in May 2015, it has earned local, regional and international recognition and reputation as a credible government entity for coordinating ongoing crisis of different nature and related actions by various partners. The Centre has been and continue to work alongside other Regional Government Ministries and international partners to ensure the safety of the population and functionality of the society.

In an imminent crisis or when a disaster strikes, every minute counts. An immediate, well-coordinated and pre-planned response not only save lives but also proven to be cost-effective. The principal purpose of establishing the Joint Crisis Coordination Centre is to enable the KRG and its Ministries, Governorates as well as partners to respond in an effective, efficient and timely manner to the overwhelming ongoing humanitarian emergencies currently in hand and future natural and man-made crises.

I would like to thank the KRG’s Ministry of Planning, Department of Foreign Relations, the Governorates of Erbil, Slemani and Duhok for the continued cooperation and coordination with JCC and working together as one team. I should also like to extend thanks and appreciation to the UNDP, MSB, UK-Dfid, THW, OCHA, UNICEF and UNHCR for the continued financial and technical support provided to JCC. 

While the Kurdistan Regional Government would like to assure full functionality of the Centre, at the same time, I also seek continued support and cooperation from the esteemed regional and international partners. 


Karim Sinjari
Minister of Interior