Administration and Finance

The Directorate of Administration and Finance oversees the work of administration, finance and other services in the JCC. It has the following Units:

  • Administration
  • Accounting
  • Services
  • Human Resources

This directorate supports all functional elements of the JCC. It organises the administration of the JCC and ensures that internal procedures for the day-to-day running of the JCC are established and maintained and assumes responsibility for:

  • Maintain up to date published procedures for customs clearance, local documentation, and taxes
  • Procure and manage translation/interpretation services. The working languages of the JCC are:
  • Kurdish, for day to day internal matters
  • English, for engagement with the International Community
  • Arabic, for engagement with the Federal Government of Iraq
  • Plan administrative requirements
  • Document and file incoming and outgoing messages
  • Ensure adequate working space and accommodation for the JCC
  • Ensure adequate transportation to meet the needs of the JCC
  • Identify local logistic resources such as transport, fuel, and services as required
  • Maintain the necessary technical needs including electricity, lighting etc., to run and sustain the JCC
  • Identify capability gaps in equipment and facilities
  • Liaise closely with relief organizations to ensure the coordination of logistical common services
  • Assist with the facilitation of cooperation and sharing of facilities, supplies, and equipment with relief organizations
  • Manage financial support for the JCC such as petty cash and accounting
  • Procure maps, boards, stationery and other support materials necessary for the JCC
  • Organize an JCC staffing roster
  • Arrange meetings, briefings and other activities as requested by the JCC Director General
  • Arrange for administrative support and equipment, as appropriate