Resource Mobilization

The Directorate of Resource Mobilisation encourages and mobilises financial resources and other forms of assistance to respond to the crisis. This directorate also manages the provision of necessary reporting to donors and the International Community. It has the following Units:

  • Communication and Coordination with Donors Unit
  • Funds and Assistance collection Unit
  • Information protection and provision Unit

This directorate’s work is rooted in fundraising. It is responsible for donor relationship management and the financial management of programmes, in order to facilitate dynamic planning. It also conducts the recruitment of specialist crisis assistance and it will be responsible for the secure analysis and management of donor information, whether other governments, international agencies, INGOs, NGOs or commercial enterprises. It takes responsibility for:

  • Coordinating the activities of external resource providers
  • Supporting Donor/VIP-visits and fact-finding missions
  • Providing assistance and facilitate the activities of humanitarian community including UN-agencies and local and International NGOs.