JCC in cooperation with the THW conducts training for the first Rapid Response Team in Erbil

Joint Crisis Coordination Centre (JCC) in cooperation with the Germany’s Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) launched a special training program to establish the Kurdistan Region’s first Rapid Response Team to respond to natural and man-made crises and disasters in the Region.

Mr. Hoshang Mohamed, Director General of JCC, in his opening remarks stated that during crisis, one minute matters to save lives, the purpose of establishing the rapid response teams is exactly to spare no time to reach the affected people and save lives. He thanked and commended the THW’s collaboration and support to the JCC since 2016. Since then both sides have considered establishing a rapid response team for the Kurdistan Region to respond to the natural and human-made disasters.

He also stated that THW support is not only inclusive to providing training session but they will also provide technical support and equipment for the Rapid Response Team.

Mr. Hoshang also highlighted that “the team will be trained and prepared to respond to fire, floods, earthquakes, and various disasters happening across the Kurdistan Region as well as launch rescuing operations during such incidents and providing affected civilians with first-aid assistance.”

“With 20 participants consisting of JCC staff, other government employees, civil defense members and volunteers, the team will be established in Erbil, with the plan to establish two more teams for Slemani and Duhok provinces in near future,” Mr. Hoshang added.

Mr. Nils Krippner, head of the programme at the THW’s international division reiterated their support for the JCC work and to continue the support, stating that the establishment of such teams is very essential for the operational capacity of JCC to respond to crises and disasters across the Region.

Mr. Nils also revealed that THW will support the JCC’s plan to establish similar teams in both Slemani and Duhok governorates.

THW is one of the JCC’s key partners that have been supporting the Centre technically providing training to its staff and also providing the most required tools and equipment.


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