Winterization Needs for the Displaced Populations In the Kurdistan Region-Iraq

The Kurdistan Region continues to host a large population of Syrian refugees and internally displaced Iraqis. Currently there are (218,257 families/990,707 individuals) of displaced people live in the Kurdistan Region which accounts for 98% of the total refugees and 65% of the total IDPs in Iraq. Now, (60,801 families) of IDPs and Refugees live in (37) camps (Erbil; 6 IDPs and 4 Refugee camps, Slemani, 5 IDPs and 1 refugee camps and Duhok, 16 IDPs and 5 refugee camps).

IDPs and Refugees family are not able to care for their families to meet winter needs as they have no source of income and they are highly dependent on the assistance that they are provided, especially with the COVID19 spread, those who used to have a kind of income, now they lost it and all of them need assistance.

As we approach the winter season, JCC has prepared this winterization priority needs to provide the displaced families with special winter needs and prepare the families and the camps for the winter to reduce the effects and mitigate the risks resulted in flash flooding, heavy snow falls and freezing cold.


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