Kuwait will provide food baskets for food insecure IDPs in KRI.

On Monday, July 3, 2017,

Dr. Omar al-Kandari, the Consul General of the State of Kuwait in Erbil, paid a visit to the Joint Crisis Coordination Centre (JCC) and received by Hoshang Mohamed, the Director General of the JCC to discuss the current challenges and humanitarian crisis.  

The purpose of meeting was to discuss the current challenges and humanitarian crisis and discussing ways to increase the coordination between the JCC and the Consulate General in relation to better utilization of Kuwaiti humanitarian assistance to support displaced people in Kurdistan Region and Mosul.

Mr. Hoshang Mohamed warmly welcomed the delegation at the JCC and briefed them on the current humanitarian priorities and mechanism that JCC has put in place to ensure an effective response to the humanitarian crisis and new emergencies.

He also highlighted the food insecurity issue among the IDPs as the World Food Program has reduced the number of cash for food beneficiaries by 70 percent due to lack of funds, and requested Consul General if Kuwait can provide assistance to fill the gap and prevent the calamity of food insecurity among the displaced people.

Dr. Omar Al-Kandari expressed his thanks and appreciation for the JCC’s role in supporting, facilitating and coordinating the Kuwaiti humanitarian assistance, and added that he is satisfied with the level of cooperation between both sides.

Dr. Al-Kandari stated that they will consider supporting some of the IDP families that their food ratio has been cut by the WFP.


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