JCC and JCMC held their regular coordination meeting to strengthen bilateral cooperation in Baghdad

July 23, 2017/ Baghdad

The KRG’s Joint Crisis Coordination Centre (JCC) and the Iraqi Joint Monitoring and Coordination Centre held their regular coordination meeting in Baghdad to discuss the bilateral cooperation and strengthening relations in response to the current humanitarian crisis, displacement and post ISIS stage, especially the return of IDPs to their homes in the liberated areas.

The meeting chaired by Hoshang Mohamed, Director General of the JCC and Abdulamir Mohamed, Head of the JCMC, the purpose is to review the level of cooperation and coordination among the two institutions and ways to further expand and strengthen to better prepare the two institutions for post ISIS stage and the return of IDPs to their homes.

In the meeting both sides expressed their willingness and readiness to further current cooperation and agreed that concerted efforts and better coordination is critical for better response and providing services for IDPs and returnees in the liberated areas. Both sides highlighted the challenges surrounding the return of IDPs and providing assistance to them in the camps. Additionally, several other areas of mutual concern and interests discussed including

  1. The role of the JCC and JCMC in developing the Mosul Humanitarian Contingency Response Plan and evaluating its implementation and the lessons learnt.
  2. The roles and responsibilities of both sides after Mosul liberation and the end of ISIS fight.
  3. Preparing and providing services for the returned IDPs in the liberated areas.
  4. Developing a joint paper for the return policy for the IDPs.
  5. Facilitate the process of returning the Iraqi refugees in Syria and Turkey to Iraq.
  6. Follow up on the groups and militias that have become a barrier for the IDPs from returning to their homes in the liberated areas.

The JCC delegation headed by Hoshang Mohamed, the Director General of JCC and accompanied by Sarhad Omar, Director of Finance and Management Directorate, Ali Said, Director of Information Management and Data Exchange Directorate.