EU will continue to provide assistance and support post ISIS

On Monday, October 9, 2017 Karim Sinajri, Minister of Interior received the European Union delegation headed by Mr. Ramon Blecua, the EU ambassador to Iraq and the Head of Middle East and North Africa Development Unit Ms. Raffaella Iodice. The Meeting attended by Hoshang Mohamed, Director General of the Joint Crisis Coordination Centre.


In the meeting, the EU Ambassador to Iraq stated that the purpose of the visit is to closely see the political and security situation in Kurdistan, particularly the situation of IDPs and refugees after liberation of majority of their areas in Iraq, as well as strengthening bilateral relations.


Mr. Blecua thanked the Ministry of Interior and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) for the great services provided to the IDPs and refugees in the past years despite suffering from its own crises and explained the EU strategy and plan for post-ISIS stabilization and corporation in Iraq.


Mr. Sinjari welcomed the EU delegation and briefed them about the current political and security situation as well as the situation of the IDPs and the refugees in the Kurdistan Region. Mr. Sinjari also thanked the EU for their continued support for the IDPs and refugees, hoping that the support continue and diversify to be at the level of the burden the KRG is taking in hosting a vast number of IDPs and refugees.


Additionally, the Minister highlighted that it is time to focus on transitioning from emergency response and humanitarian assistance to long term solutions. He asked more  funds are needed to supporting small scale projects to bridge humanitarian assistance to resilience building of the IDPs, refugees and host communities and recommended provision of funds to critical service projects to improve civic services such as upgrading existing infrastructure and unfinished projects.


Sinjari asked the EU delegation to ensure that the Kurdistan Region benefits from the funds and loans given to Baghdad for both stabilization and development, stating that Baghdad intentionally deprives us from all financial support provided to Iraq.




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