Upon the KRG’s Prime Minister’s request, an Italian delegation visits the earthquake-affected Darbandikhan Dam



Upon the KRG’s Prime Minister’s request, an Italian delegation consisted of the Italian Consul General in Erbil, Serena Muroni, and a team of engineers from TREVI visited the earthquake affected town of Darbandikhan on Tuesday. The visit was organized by JCC’s Crisis Response Office in Slemani.

Director of JCC’s Crisis Response Office in Slemani, Mr. Babarasul accompanied the delegation and said that the delegation was received by the mayor of Darbandikhan, Director of Darbandikhan Dam and the dam’s engineering staff to discuss the situation of the dam following the earthquake that hit the town on November 12.

TREVI’s engineering team visited the dam to assess the damages inflicted by the earthquake, the Italian engineering team will continue to follow up on the situation of the dam.

The delegation also visited the affected families in Darbandikhan city centre and the families who have received Italian humanitarian assistance. They also toured into the city to see the damages, where many houses collapsed and damaged.

Following a devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake that hit Kurdistan Region and in particularly Slemani and Halabja provinces as well as Garmiyan on 12 November, the Italian Government responded very quickly and sent three planes of humanitarian assistance to the affected people. The assistance consists of medicine, medical first aids, tents, blankets and etc.






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