The UK Consulate General continues providing assistance to the Crisis Management Institution Building in Kurdistan.

On August 1, 2018, the UK Consul General in Erbil Mr. Warr Martyn and DFID Representative to the Kurdistan Region, Ms. Amelia Tuckett paid a visit to the JCC and they received by Mr. Hoshang Mohamed, the Director General of the Joint Crisis Coordination Centre (JCC).

In the meeting, held at the JCC headquarter, both sides discussed a wide range of topics relating to the current humanitarian and displacement crisis, return of IDPs, coordination between Erbil and Baghdad, and the activities of the JCC as well as the priorities and plans of the JCC for the future in regards to the establishment of the Disaster and Crisis management System in Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

In the meeting, JCC Director General highlighted the JCC’s activities and achievements since its establishment in 2015 and briefed them about the progress made regarding the implementation of the Strategic plan for establishing disaster and crisis management system in Kurdistan in which the UK has been a steady supporter through UNDP since 2015.

Mr. Hoshang, on behalf of His Excellency Karim Sinjari, Minister of Interior, presented an appreciation letter to the UK Consulate General for the country’s outstanding role in providing support for the JCC and other KRG institutions.  

Mr. Martyn expressed his appreciation for such letter and stated that they are pleased that they supported JCC and Ministry of Interior to manage the current humanitarian crisis and they will continue to consider long-term support for the JCC’s activities to implement the strategic plan to establish a sustainable crisis management system.

Mr. Mohamed and Mr. Martyn also discussed the ways that the UK can support the JCC in terms of capacity building and brining experts to improve the work of the JCC as well as other KRG institutions. 

Finally, Mr. Mohamed highly valued the role of the UK for providing support to the JCC to strengthening institutional capacity and to establish a strong foundation for crisis response and management and thanked them for the continued support and assistance.



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