Humanitarian Situation Report: Registered IDPs and refugees in the Kurdistan Region in December 2018

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) needs at least $1.9 billion yearly to provide the basic civic services and meet the needs of internally displaced persons (IDPs) and Syrian refugees in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

As highlighted, the displacement continued throughout the 2018 and still people are compelled to leave their areas for security, livelihood, and economic reasons and come to the Kurdistan, in 2018, as many as 32,282 IDPs and refugees entered the Kurdistan Region. Nearly 28,487 of them were IDPs and 3,795 were Syrian refugees.

Currently the KRG is the host of 249,639 Syrian, 20,575 Turkish, 13,162 Iranian, and 756 Palestinian refugees. Contrary to popular perception, the majority of IDPs and refugees live with the host communities in the Region, while only 37 percent living in the 39 camps. 50 percent of the total displaced population live in Erbil, 31 percent in Duhok, and 19 percent in Slemani.

See the report in full detail here.

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