LDS delegation in Kurdistan to discuss the humanitarian situation

On Monday, January 21, 2019, a delegation of the US-based organization, LDS, headed NGO’s Senior Member Mr. Elder David Bednar, accompanied by Elder Wilford Andersen, Director of Middle East, Maroun Akiki, Roula Akiki, Boyce Fitzgerald, Area Director, Carey Holgate and Lori Holgate, arrived in the Kurdistan Region.

The delegation was received by the Slemani Governor, Dr. Haval Abubaker, the JCC Director General Mr. Hoshang Mohamed, President of Barzani Charity Foundation Mr. Musa Ahmed, Director General of Christian Affairs Mr. Khalid Talia, in Slemani. They had all day meetings in Slemani.

The purpose of the visit is to assess the current humanitarian crisis and the situation of the IDPs and refugees in Kurdistan Region. During the meetings with the governor Dr. Haval Abubaker, bot side discussed humanitarian situation in the Slemani governorate and Kurdistan Region and the needs and gaps for the IDPs and refugees as well as the activities of the LDS in the Region in terms of supporting the displaced people.

Director General of JCC, on behalf of H.E. Karim Sinjari, the KRG’s Interior Minister, thanked the US organization for its efforts and humanitarian assistance in the Kurdistan Region in the past four years.

Mr. Hoshang also briefed the delegation about the humanitarian situation in the Kurdistan Region, he also talked about the challenges, gaps and needs as well as the priority sectors. Highlighted the critical need for the LDS to continue and expand their humanitarian support to the displaced people in Kurdistan and also support KRG to enable a safe and voluntary return of the displaced people to their areas of origin.

The delegated extended their thanks and appreciation to the Kurdistan Regional Government for the excellent cooperation and assistance that has been provided to them and pledged that they will continue to provide humanitarian assistance and funding to enable people to become self-reliance and resilient.

The LDS charity has provided support to the displaced people, IDPs and Syrian refugees since the outbreak of the humanitarian crisis as a result of the ISIS war in Iraq in 2014. They have played a critical role in supporting KRG’s efforts to alleviate the suffering of the displaced people in Kurdistan and Iraq.

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