JCC, UN OCHA hold quarterly Humanitarian Coordination Forum to discuss humanitarian situation in the Kurdistan Region

On July 10, 2019, the Joint Crisis Coordination Centre (JCC), in collaboration with the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA), held its quarterly Humanitarian Coordination Forum (HCF) in Erbil to discuss the current humanitarian situation in the Kurdistan Region.

The meeting focused on the humanitarian needs and challenges facing IDPs both inside and outside of camps. The meeting also discussed funding shortages and the returns process of IDPs to their areas of origin.

Mr. Hoshang Mohammed, JCC Director-General, provided a detailed humanitarian update for the Kurdistan Region, including current IDP figures. He stated that IDP returns had virtually stalled, and that the lack of adequate financial support by the Iraqi federal government was a contributing factor. “Despite the challenges, the KRG continues to facilitate and support the humanitarian situation of IDPs in collaboration with the Iraqi Ministry of Displacement and Migration and other partners to address the key challenges before the return of the IDPs,” he added.

He urged UN Agencies and NGOs to increase their presence in the camps and to continue mobilizing resources to support the Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP), and other IDP support projects, until conditions are conducive for their return. This includes an investment in camp infrastructure to meet minimum standards, which, he said, was likely to be necessary given the protracted nature of displacement for many IDPs

Mr. Aidan O’Leary, UN OCHA Head of Office, reinforced the importance of safe, voluntary and dignified returns for IDPs. He discussed current humanitarian priorities and progress against the 2019 HRP, including its level of funding. He also spoke about the midyear review and planning for the 2020 HRP, both underway.

The HCF is chaired by the JCC Director-General and co-chaired by the OCHA Head of Office. It is attended by JCC Directors from Sulaymaniyah, Erbil and Duhok, and representatives of UN agencies, NGOs and implementing partners.



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