Minister of Interior chaired the JCC Council meeting on humanitarian situation in Kurdistan Region

On Tuesday, September 24, 2019, Joint Crisis Coordination Centre (JCC) Council held its first meeting in the ninth Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) cabinet and the meeting chaired by  H.E. Reber Ahmed, Minister of Interior.

At the beginning of the meeting, Minister Reber welcomed the members of the JCC Council. He shed the light on the importance of Council’s role in internal coordination and cooperation between the all government stakeholders to resolve issues and provide the needs, particularly in the humanitarian sector. Minister of Interior also emphasized that the KRG, including the Ministry of Interior has a big responsibility for supporting and serving the Internally Displaced People (IDPs) and refugees and work on improving the sectors of health, education, camp management, providing protection and strengthening social cohesion and coexistence.

Later Mr. Hoshang Mohamed, the Director General of the JCC, gave a presentation on the humanitarian situation in the Kurdistan Region as well as the needs and shortcomings. He also highlighted JCC’s future plans and activities to improve the humanitarian situation for the IDPs and refugees.

Then, the representatives of the KRG ministries in the JCC Council briefly mentioned the needs and shortcomings related to the humanitarian sector in their respected ministries and presented some suggestions and recommendations to further strengthen cooperation and coordination between the government stakeholders.

The meeting discussed JCC’s plan on the needs of the IDPs, refugees and host communities in the Kurdistan Region for this year and next year.

The meeting also discussed a plan to identify humanitarian needs for the IDPs, refugees and the host communities to be presented to the relevant partners from the Iraqi government, the UN and donor countries. Meanwhile, the meeting resulted in several decisions and recommendations to resolve the issues facing the displaced people, meet their needs and provide them with better services in cooperation and collaboration with the Iraqi and international partners.

The meeting attended by the Representatives of ministries of Finance and Economy, Trade and Industry, Health, Labor and Social Affairs, Education, Municipality and Tourism, Department of Foreign Relations and Directors of Crisis Response Offices in the governorates.

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