Humanitarian Situation Report: Registered IDPs and refugees in the Kurdistan Region in November 2019

The Kurdistan Region currently hosts more than 1 million of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) and refugees; 1,037,446 IDPs and 226,399 Syrian refugees. 

Syrian Refugees:

1.      (3,114 families & 15,538 individuals) Syrian Refugees arrived into Kurdistan Region. Most of are coming through informal routes at Sehela and Al-Walid villages at the border since the start of the military operation by the Turkish Army in Northeastern Syria-Rojava on 9 October 2019.

2.      (38 families & 168 individuals) Syrian Refugees have returned to Syria voluntarily.

3.      The New arrived Syrian refugees registered, 49% are females, 51% are males, and 51% are children.

4.      Out of the total number of Syrian Refugees arrived, over 12,395 refugees are sheltered in Bardarash Camp, and over 2,033 new refugees are sheltered in Gawilan Camp, 182 New refugees are sheltered in Domiz camp and the rest around 2000 of the refugees went to the cities.

5.      The number of daily Syrian Refugee arrivals into Kurdistan Region has decreased to an average of around 150-200 individuals daily.

6.      The New Syrian Refugees arrived in Kurdistan are stating that there are strict security controls at the border inside Syria not allowing people to flee and said that they have paid to smugglers inside Syria around USD 250 USD per person to help them reach the border.

Iraqi IDPs

7.      (301 families & 1,339 individuals) Iraqi IDPs have returned to the camps in Kurdistan Region.

8.      (476 families & 2,541 individuals) Iraqi IDPs have left Kurdistan Region either returned or migrated to the second country.

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