Humanitarian Situation Report: Registered IDPs and refugees in the Kurdistan Region in December 2019


1. There are 1,050,317 Refugees and IDPs registered in Kurdistan Region. 

2. In 2019, total number of 28,617 refugees and IDPs arrived in Kurdistan (Refugees; 19,825 and IDPs 8,794).

3. In 2019, total of 15,154 refugees and IDPs left Kurdistan; either returned to place of origin or migrated to third countries. 

4. Only, 40% of the refugees live in 10 camps across Kurdistan Region.

5. Only 20% of the IDPs live in 28 camps in the three governorates.

6. Geographical distribution of IDPs and refugees; Erbil 47.5%, Duhok 33% and Slemani 19.5%.

7. More than half of the displaced people are women and children. 

See the report in full detail in PDF file or below photos: 

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