Germany Continues to provide Covid-19 Personal Protection Gear to Kurdistan Region of Iraq

On Wednesday 29 July, in a handover ceremony organized at the Joint Crisis Coordination Centre headquarters (JCC), attended by Mr. Hoshang Mohamed, Director General of the JCC, Mr. Sven Krauspe, German Deputy Consul General in Erbil, and teams from JCC and the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW), JCC received the fourth package of the humanitarian assistance from the THW. The assistance consists of 2060 Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) kits containing in total 130.000 medical masks and gloves, disinfectant, and washing liquids.

Speaking to the media present at the ceremony, Mr. Hoshang Mohamed extended the thanks and appreciation to the German Consulate General and the Federal Agency for Technical Relief for the continued cooperation and support that has been provided since the outbreak of the coronavirus. He also highlighted the outstanding partnership and relations between the two sides that has been built over seven years. This partnership has been very useful to build crisis management institutional capacity building in Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Mr. Sven Krauspe, German Deputy Consul General in Erbil addressed the media and stated that they are very pleased to handover the PPE kits to the JCC, fighting this global pandemic through international cooperation and thus contributing to increase the capacities of the government teams to fight Covid-19. He also praised the good cooperation and partnership between JCC and THW and saying that we are happy to be with our friends during this challenging times and we will continue to cooperate based on the trustworthy relationship.   

The assistance will be provided to the vulnerable people at the displaced people, shop keepers and administration the humanitarian workers who work in the camps in Kurdistan Region. This will greatly reduce the risk of the coronavirus spread and will help to contain the virus among the displaced population.

THW is JCC’s long term partner and It has been providing technical and humanitarian assistance since 2015. It has helped JCC to establish technical foundation for disaster and crisis management in Kurdistan Region of Iraq such as construction of three logistics centres, establishing 2RR teams, FRTs, Information management platform, Volunteering system and volunteer’s office and many other projects.