A training session regarding the establishment of a Rapid Response Unit was held in the city of Sulaymaniyah

A training session regarding the establishment of a rapid response unit was held in the city of Sulaymaniyah, this training session was organized by JCC with the support of Germany’s THW.

Rapid response unit is the first official volunteering team in KRG, it was established on 28th November 2018, by the council of ministers for all the cities in KRG. The participants of the training included members of the public sector, members of civil rights organizations and volunteers.

A Rapid response unit is a team that will respond to any natural or humanitarian disaster and will provide assistance to the other response teams in KRG to help save the lives of those in need. In Erbil this team has already been established, trained and provided with necessary equipment, this unit is now ready for work. In the near future a rapid response unit in Duhok will be established and trained, this team will also be provided with needed equipment.

The idea for establishing this team has been inspired by the country of Germany but its worked on by taking the situation of KRG into consideration.