JCC's Director General meets with a delegation of the European Union

On Sunday, November 29, 2020 JCC’s Director General Mr. Hoshang Mohammed welcomed a delegation of the European Union headed by Mrs. Anne Meskanen Deputy Head of EU Advisory Mission in support of security sector in Iraq (EUAM Iraq) and Mr. Vincent Guillaume, Head of EU Delegation Erbil Liaison Office and Mr. Jeff Hoppenbrouwers, Human Rights and Gender Adviser.

In the meeting, Mr. Hoshang briefed the delegation the current situation of the IDPs and refugees in the Kurdistan Region, and he explained the KRG’s return policy. He also gave an overview on the JCC’s strategic plan and operations at the field and regional levels and efforts to strengthen the crisis management and emergency response in Kurdistan Region.

They also discussed the security sector reform in the Kurdistan Region/Iraq and the cooperation among the security apparatus and civilian institutions to respond to emergencies and disasters. The need for further enhancing such cooperation and collaboration for an effective crisis response and management.

Mr. Hoshang highlighted the JCC’s latest projects to contain the COVID19 pandemic and he talked about the future plans of JCC for efficiently managing emergency crisis, he highlighted the key problems for crisis management in KRG and explained the strategies and plans that need to be implanted in order to have a better emergency crisis response.

Mrs. Meskanen stated that they would be pleased to continue this cooperation between JCC and EUAM and they will look at the options to see how they can provide technical support and strategic advice in the future.

The JCC Director General extended his thanks and appreciation for their support and he stated that he is looking forward for further cooperating and coordinating with EUAM.