ICMPD and JCC agree to help migrants

On Monday 8 February, 2021, Mr. Hoshang Mohamed Director General of JCC attended an online meeting with International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD), headed by Ms. Sedef Dearing, Head of the Budapest Process Secretariat and the meeting attended by Mr. Shukr Yasin, Director of Migration Affairs Directorate at JCC and several colleagues at JCC and ICMPD.

In the meeting Mr. Hoshang explained the new structure of JCC and the merging of directorate of Migration with JCC, he gave an insight about the roles and duties of JCC and the projects JCC has coordinated since its foundation in 2014. He also highlighted JCC’s main mandated duties including Migration Management; IDPs, Refugees, Asylum Seekers, and returnees, Crisis Response and Management, Crisis and Disaster Coordination and Cooperation, and Resource Mobilization and Management.

He briefed them about JCC’s current priorities and plan on the migration management and supporting the returnees in Kurdistan Region and establishing mechanisms to counter misinformation spreading on migration.   

Ms. Sedef explained the ICMPD’s projects and priorities in Iraq and Kurdistan Region to support governments to management migration and migrants. She stated that she is very pleased to have this meeting and ready to resume cooperation with JCC on this important area. She highlighted some important projects and areas of cooperation. She expressed their full readiness to cooperate and support JCC’s efforts in this regards.

Finally, both sides exchanged views on migration and several steps agreed upon to be taken and both agreed to have a follow up meeting in the near future to plan cooperation framework between JCC and ICMPD.