The second stage of career training for the health sector graduates

Today Tuesday, August 31, 2021, with the presence of Mr. Hoshang Mohamed Director general of JCC and Mr. Dlovan Mohamed Director general of Erbil general directorate of health, Joint Crisis Coordination Centre in cooperation with Erbil General Directorate of Health started the second stage of career training for several volunteers that have graduated from the health sector, this project is a mutual project between both parties and its financially supported by the German organization GIZ as a part of the Qudra Program 2.

In total, 304 volunteers have been assigned to different hospitals and health centers in KRG, these volunteers have been chosen based on several conditions and have went through a detailed process of choosing. This project will continue up to 2 months and during this period they will be trained and their abilities will be strengthened. GIZ is the financial supporter of this project and at the end of this training each volunteer will get a certificate.

JCC and GIZ have had several successful projects together and the aim for this project is capacity building of the volunteers, providing job opportunities for health sector graduates and using their experiences in the future when needed.