The first influx of IDPs arrived KRI from Mosul surrounding areas

As the operation to free Mosul from ISIS on going for more than a week, the first influx of the displaced people arrived in Kurdistan Region of Iraq.  Most of the IDPs in the recently liberated areas have been previously displaced to the Kurdistan Region. The newly displaced families have been received at the reception centers and then transferred to the designated camps in the Kurdistan Region. All well treated and immediately helped by the Peshmerga forces and security forces in close collaboration with the partners.

Meanwhile the efforts by the KRG, Iraqi government and the UN agencies and international community continue to provide shelter and basic lifesaving needs for the IDPs arriving at the camps.

With the support of the Iraqi government’s Ministry of Migration and Displacement and the UN agencies, 10 camps are under construction, and three already finished with the capacity of six thousand plots which can host 18 thousand families, even, if all 10 camps be finished, the capacity will be over 33 thousand families and there is huge gap of over 40 thousand more plots in Erbil, Slemani, and Duhok.  

Since the start of the free Mosul operation, the 861 families (5,490 individuals) have been displaced and are well received by the Kurdistan Region authorities and transferred to the camps in Erbil and Duhok.

It is expected that larger-scale of displacement starts once the fighting forces advance to the more populated areas near Mosul in the upcoming days.  

Urgent increase of funds needs to enable the government and the partners to effectively respond to the influx of IDPs and also provide the most needed assistance.