Germany's THW help strengthening the JCC’s crisis response and coordination capacity

As part of the continued support from the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief to the KRG’s Joint Crisis Coordination Centre (JCC), on Monday, Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) delivered three vehicles to the JCC, which are equipped with the mobile coordination tools that would help strengthen the JCC’s crisis response and coordination capacity which are critical to ensure a well-coordinated and concerted efforts to respond the current crisis facing the Kurdistan Region.

In an official ceremony held at THW office in Erbil, attended by the JCC Director General, Mr. Hoshang Mohamed and Directors, and Christopher Jürgen, German Deputy Consul General and THW officials, the three special coordination vehicles were delivered to the JCC.

The Director General of JCC, stated that we highly appreciate this support and value our partnership with THW and their support is critical to strengthen our capacity to respond to the current humanitarian crisis and future new emergences.

THW is one of the JCC’s key partners that have been supporting the Centre technically providing training to its staff and also providing the most required tools and equipment.