Third High Advisory meeting approves several recommendations

On Monday, November 28, 2016, the High Advisory Team held its third meeting in Erbil at the Ninewa governorate office.    

The Advisory Team commended the good coordination and cooperation between the partners to respond to the issue of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) and delivering humanitarian assistance to the civilians who stayed at their homes in the liberated areas.

The Meeting discussed the current key issues surrounding Mosul humanitarian preparedness, response and stabilization in the Ninewa plane.  The meeting concludes with several recommendations to be submitted to the Iraqi Prime Minister for approval and then be implemented by the government and non-government partners. 

  1. Include the PDS provision for the IDPs and families remained in their homes in the liberated areas.
  2. The clearance of IEDs and restoration of the public services in the liberated areas in Ninewa Plane to help and encourage the minorities to return to their homes.
  3. The Facilitation of the custom clearances for the Humanitarian assistance that comes into Kurdistan Region and Iraq.
  4. The facilitation of the onetime registration and movement of the INGOs in KRI and Iraq.


The High Advisory Team consisted of Mr. Karim Sinjari, KRG’s Ministry of Interior, Mr. Jasim Mohammed, Iraqi Minister of Migration and Displacement, Mr. Mahdi al-Halaq, the General Secretary of the Council of Ministers, M.s Lise Grande, UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Iraq and Mr. Nawfal Hamadi, Governor of Nineveh. Other related institutions participated in the meeting such as; Joint Crisis Coordination Centre (JCC), Ministry of Migration and Displacement’s Operation Room in the Kurdistan Region, the Iraqi Army’s CIMIC Unit, the representative of the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, Joint Coordination and Monitoring Center and the UN Office for Humanitarian Coordination in Iraq.

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