Stabilization and return process of the displaced people to the liberated areas in Ninewa Plane.


At the recommendation of the third High Advisory Team which was held in Erbil on 28 November 2016, between Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), the Iraqi Federal Government and the United Nations (UN).

The Iraqi Crisis Cell with the participation of the Director General at the Joint Crisis Coordination Centre of the Ministry of Interior, and the Humanitarian Coordinator held a meeting, chaired by the Head of the Iraqi Cabinet Secretariat in Baghdad on 30 November to discuss the stabilization and return process of the IDPs to the liberated areas, particularly in the Ninewa Plane.  

After a detailed discussion about the situation in the liberated areas, several recommendations and suggestions were made on how to start the process of restoration of the basic services in newly liberated areas for those who stayed in their homes in the liberated areas as well as the return of the displaced people to their place of origin. After the approval of the recommendations and suggestions of the meeting by the Iraqi Prime Minister and will be implemented.

The participants of the meeting were the Iraqi Council of Minister’s Secretariat, the Coordinator of Humanitarian Affairs, and Director General of Joint Crisis Coordination Centre, Ninawa Governor, and representatives from the ministry of electricity, municipalities, oil, interior, health, trade and MoDM.