The Joint High Advisory Team held its sixth meeting

On Thursday, April 6, 2017, the high joint advisory committee of KRG, Iraqi government and HCT, held its sixth meeting at the Ministry of Interior in Erbil.

In the meeting, the coordination and cooperation among the partners highly valued to respond to the ongoing displacement from Mosul and providing humanitarian assistance to the IDPs in the camps and those who have stayed in their homes in the liberated areas.

After thorough discussions and assessment of all issues, challenges, needs and gaps of Mosul IDPs and the people in the liberated areas also the issues of rehabilitation and reconstruction of the liberated areas, the high committee have approved several recommendations and decisions including:

·         Improving IDPs situations in the camps and services.

·         Expediting the process of IDPs’ return and rehabilitation of the liberated areas.

·         Calling upon the ministries of (Trade, Oil, Electricity, Health and Education) to provide more and better services to the IDPs.

·         The KRG Minister of Interior has extended KRG’s full support and cooperation to help the IDPs, stabilization in the liberated areas and expedite the process of the IDPs return.

The high committee includes the Minister of Interior; Mr. Karim Sinjari, Dr. Jasim Mohammed; the Minister of Displacement and Migration, Dr. Mahdi al-Allaq; the head of Council of Ministers’ Secretariat in Baghdad, the Humanitarian Coordinator of the UN Mission in Iraq, the Governor of Nineveh, the Director General of the Joint Crisis Coordination Center (JCC), the Civil-military Cooperation in Iraq, the representative of Ministry of Defense and UN- OCHA.

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